Before your roof shows signs of damage, it can sometimes be challenging to know if a roof repair is entirely satisfactory or if a roof replacement is more suitable. 

A trusted roofer can help you decide which alternative is best for your home. 

Here are some things to reflect on when deciding between a re-roofing and a roof repair.

Roof Leak?

A leak on your roof is one of the usual reasons property owners request an estimate for a roof repairs or a complete re-roof. If you see water blemishes inside your house that run through ceilings or walls, the cause could be a leaky roof. Finding the roof leak source can often be tricky, but we are certified roof inspectors and can help with the process.

It is crucial to solving a leaky roof problem earlier than later because something that starts as a small leak can finally lead to more significant issues.

The Magnitude of Roof Damage

If you agree between a roof repair or full roof replacement, then it is possible your roof has either deteriorated in appearance or has incurred other physical destruction. Engaging a reliable roofing contractor can assist you in understanding the level of any roof damage you have so that you can reach the right resolution for your home and budget.

Hints of roof destruction may either be structural damage and aesthetic damage.

  1. Aesthetic damage:
  • Roofing material looks old and worn
  • Moss, dark streaks or algae are growing in between the shingles materials


  1. Structural damage
  • Rusted panels or metal shingles
  • Cupped or curled edges on wood shingles or asphalt
  • Perforated or dented wood, asphalt, tile, or metal roofing components
  • Broken asphalt, tile, or wood shingles

Cost of Roof Replacement Vs A Roof Repair

The cost of acquiring a new roof is one of the most significant considerations for homeowners deciding on re-roof or repair. Roofing repairs will cost less than a complete replacement project; however, if you pay for a slew of repairs over a few years, they will eventually surpass the cost of an entire re-roofing.

A roofing contractor must provide estimates to help you evaluate the options of what might be the most budget-cognizant solution without putting your home at risk from a failing roof and may offer roof financing options.

Benefits of a New Roofing

Though more expensive upfront, a new roof still saves money in the long run by evading the added-up costs of multiple repairs or additional damage. A new roof offers the following benefits:

  • Peace of mind: Knowing that you protected the people and things you value most from heavy rains and high winds while under your roof helps lessen stress.
  • Curb appeal and Aesthetics: Roofs typically make up much of your home’s external look. Not only does the latest roof look gorgeous, but it also allows you to choose a new color or style of shingle.

If you are contemplating your options between a roof repair and a full roof replacement, consult a proficient and dependable roofing contractor for help.

Oldness of Roof:

Depending on the roofing material used, its age may show when to replace a roof. If your roof shows signs of aging or has suffered leaks, storm damage, or other problems, it might be a noble idea to consider changing it. Replacing a failing, older, or damaged roof instead of repeatedly paying for roof maintenances can be worth the asset if you intend to stay in your home for several years or plan to trade quickly.

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