So You Have A Roof Leak in Your Home, How Much Could A Repair Cost?

Maintaining your home is not cheap, especially in the state of Florida, however, a roof repair is less costly than an entirely new roof. The price of a roof repair mostly depends on the overhead, roof accessibility, roof complexity, materials quality, warranty and others.

Our roof repairs normally go between $250 and $1,017, and our inspections and estimates are free.

It is essential to handle these problems as they arise, so you don’t cause more damage to your home.

Discovering Leaks and Their Causes

When you see leaks in your home, you need first to determine what the problem is. There are many reasons that you suddenly have questions. Some of these problems may include missing shingles, leading pipe flashing, valleys, ice dams, or even a low slope to the incline of your roof. A specialist should address any of these problems immediately to avoid significant damage to your structure.

If it is a leak, you will need to locate the spot quickly. Dripping is easy to track from inside the home. Viewing your roof from a ladder, you should be able to see depressions on the damaged wood underneath.

However, if you find the water coming into your home, and an inspection of the shingles shows no apparent damage, you may have a leak coming in from around your gutters, chimney, or even your venting pipes. Our experts can find the exact location and suggest the roof repair to stop the leak.

Common Roof Repair Costs

If you have experienced a recent storm with high winds, you could have lost shingles or damaged some. This damage is apparent when you look at the top of your home. To resolve this problem, you need to replace the shingles as soon as possible. The cost runs approximately $30 per shingle. Contact us now for a free roof assessment, you need an expert to make the replacement and to ensure any warranty you have is not void.

The flashing is metal strips that create a seal between the joints. If the flashing is old, or there has been extreme weather, this barrier will crack. You need to remove the surrounding materials and strip. Replace it with a new metal strip and reseal it with roofing tar.

Chimneys can wear and tear in several ways. It could be the metal flashing that drives under the shingles surrounding the chimney. If it is brick, it could be the cement joints. It can also be water dropping through the top of the chimney.

Reflating or re-flashing around the chimney starts at $500. A giant chimney will be a higher cost. We also replace roof vents, off ridge and ridge vents. No two vents are the same. Hire a roofing contractor to handle this kind of repair.

It would help if you cleaned your rain gutters periodically. If they aren’t, the rainwater will build up within the gutters instead of running off efficiently. This pooling will eventually leak into your home. To solve this problem, clean your home’s gutters every few months.

The venting boot seals your roof vents to prevent water from coming into your home. However, this booting can become cracked. You need to cut away the old boot and replace it with a new one, sealing it with waterproof. The average cost is around $15.

Finally, if it damages larger sections, you will look at a higher cost. On average, a roof repair for a metal roof is always over $300; asphalt shingles average $250, and slate/tile averages $530. Our professionals are ready to help you with any size of jobs.

Contact us today for a timely free estimate, no job is too big or too small.

We’re here to help, and over our nearly 40 years in business, we’ve gained valuable knowledge and experience using all types of materials, including:

Contact us today for a timely free estimate, no job is too big or too small. We’re here to help, and over our nearly 40 years in business, we’ve gained valuable knowledge and experience using all types of materials, including:

• Clay Tile (one-piece and two-piece)
• Concrete Tile (standard and light-weight)
• Synthetic Shake
• Fiber-Cement Shingle
• Composition Shingle/Shake
• Standing Seam Metal Roof
• Slate

Plus we can handle all of the following roof types and situations:

• Steep Roof Pitch
• Flat Roof
• Slight and Moderate Roofs
• Asphalt Roof
• Single and Multi-Story Homes

roof certifications

If you’re a Real Estate agent, or selling your home yourself, you need to certify that the roof of the home, or homes you are selling will not leak. Contact us for a thorough roof survey, inspection and certification. We also provide commercial roof management consulting, with customized maintenance programs, as well as Roof Restoration and Cleaning Services.

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