Roofing Contractor in Orlando

Roofing Contractor in Orlando Florida.

Seminole and Orange county.

The most expensive aspect of your home maintenance is to repair or replace the roof. Regrettably, this is one aspect of the home where it is not surprising to find inferior quality and durability, specially when it comes to the Florida weather.

A poorly repaired or built roof won’t just look bad; it will lead to costly and many issues later, mold and even structural damages, because of leaks and humidity.

Fake roofers are all over Central Florida, including Seminole and Orange county, you can be the next victim of corrupt people who only want your money and pretend to be roofing experts.


If you are looking for a great roofer here are some great questions to ask your candidates (with the right answers):

Would you replace the drip edge?:

The boundaries (all around the perimeters) of your roof, which is mostly metal, is know as a Drip Edge flashing. Simply run away if your roofer answers: “no we don’t replace the drip edge”.

A drip edge aims to avert water damage. It also protects your home from pest invasion. In the state of Florida, installing drip edges is mandatory for shingle roofs. Some damage which may occur because of a missing drip edge include:

  • Staining
  • Flooded basement
  • Rot
  • Mold
  • Soil erosion along the foundation

Homeowners must inspect whether their roofs possess Drip Edges as it signifies their roofer has done a good or bad job.

Will all of my shingles come from the same production badge?:

If they don’t your roof may look really bad. It is the roofer responsibility to make sure all the shingle bundles are from the same production badge and not mix it.  Simply because, your roof should look monotonous throughout. Some marks of a bad roofing job are more comfortable to spot, and an uneven appearance is one of them. If you notice sagging rooflines, then your roofer did not do an excellent job with the manufacturer production badge.

How many nails per shingle will you use?:

Alternative common signs of a substandard roofing job we see are wrong nailing methods and low number of nails per shingle. The answer should be: The top manufacturers asks for at least 6 nails per asphalt shingle. Licensed roofing contractors use proper nailing systems. The following problems also relate to shingle nailing:

  • Overdriven nails
  • Using nails that rust
  • Nails in the wrong

Ask the roofer if he is willing to give the address of a roof he recently replaced:

You can spot a low quality roof job easily from the ground; there are visual signs will occur long after building the roof and resulting from general erosion or storm damage.

Identifying any of these shortly after a roofing job, mostly if there were no significant storms, can show that the roofing contractor did subpar work.

What type of Underlayment you will use?:

The underlayment is another mandatory material in all shingle roofs, that works as a waterproofing barrier and can be seen below the shingles. A mislaid underlayment will not only start roof leaks, but may even truncate the lifespan of your roof.

Will you reuse old flashing material?:

Remember that it is essential to use roof flashing only once. If you replace your roof, consider new flashing. Reusing old fine-looking flashing means your roofer has done an awful job.

 How many clean ups will you do after completing my roof?:

A right roofing contractor must tidy the area around your property after completing his project. No great roofing contractors will ever leave old shingles, construction debris, nails, empty packages, or extra supplies on the construction site. Instead, they will dispose of this waste themselves. This act alone gives the impression that your roofer had done a superb job.

Finally, roofers should never damage plants, lawns, trees, bushes, or landscaping materials in roofing. While suitable companies can make mistakes from time to time, a quality company will always resolve those mistakes before they become issues.

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